Lentinus arcularius, a bizarre photo indeed


This photo was recently included in one of my posters, and I have received several questions about it. To be honest, after taking the photo I had a lot of questions too. One thing is for certain, it’s not edited or photoshopped in any way, allow me to explain the unique set of circumstances that occurred to make this image look the way it does.

This is what came together to cause it:

1) It was raining when I took that shot
2) Sun was setting and the light was beaming through the trees directly on the mushroom.
3) The cap of the mushroom was filled up with water
4) Camera was set to a slower shutter speed
5) Gusty winds
6) Low, diffused flash

So after I pressed the shutter release button, a breeze blew about the exact same time causing the water sitting on the cap to pour off like a waterfall, the sun light then refracted through the falling water, causing it to light-paint the entire path the water took as it fell, until the shutter closed. Also, just on the left of the cap you can see 2 crossing ray-like patterns, the top-left to bottom-right ray is actually rain drops(made visible by the low diffused flash), the top-right to bottom-left ray is sun light.

It’s pretty complicated and when I first viewed that photo I was confused, because in real-time, nothing spectacular happened. A happy accident, for sure.


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