Closer look at: Panaeolus papilionaceus

A beautiful dung-loving little mushroom I photographed today. .





3 thoughts on “Closer look at: Panaeolus papilionaceus

  1. All of your pics are incredible !! This particular mushroom I am finding in abundance here in central Arkansas. I’ve lived here for 11yrs now and I’ve been looking for an active Panaeolus ( cinctulus var. ) in bovine and equine pastures with Dick Tracy tenacity. Still have yet to find one. Of course the Cubensis is always on the agenda as well. I lived in Houston for about 7yrs from the mid 90s til 02′ and like clockwork, I would drive up to a lil town “Giddings” ( sits half way between Houston and Austin ) and the entire area, for miles and square miles are nothing but prime cattle pasture that is old and very active, and pick Cubes in mid Feb outta the cattle dung like flowers in a garden. I have talked to a couple of old school fellas from the Little Rock area that have lived here their entire lives ( they’re in their mid 50s ) and they tell me that the only place they ever found any Cubes in this area was at the old Coleman Dairy, that was razed many years ago, and now is home to a UALR dorm site. There’s rumors that on some perfect spring and autumn nights, Cubes can still be found spuratically around the campus. Anyhow, my name is Carl, and I came across your tiny lil link on the Shroomery.. Glad I clicked on you Justin, you have some killer, gorgeous pics.

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